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Magickal Planners and Divination Services

Chaos Reposed provides quality Magickal planning tools and services such as planners, calendars, intuitive readings, and healings. Chaos reposed is dedicated to assisting magickal practitioners to maximize their magickal, transformative potential. It is our belief that Tarot Reading and Astral Healing are Divine Gifts. They are meant to be shared with those who seek them. Our prices are very low which allows for us to provide our gifts to anyone in need. Unlike many other Tarot Readers, Chaos Reposed does not turn away those in need due to the inability to pay because of financial difficulty. We are a supporter and affiliate of Athena's Apprentice Guild, a free online Pagan school. We donate 10% of all proceeds to A.A.G. to support their free online courses for Magiakal Practitioners.   

Chaos Reposed offers many free services including:

  • An informative and inspirational blog, in which many of life's toughest questions are answered through intuitive Tarot readings. Many of these questions are submitted from our Financial Assistance Program
  • A free forum in which questions are answered related to Chaos Reposed products and services.  They are also open for free discussion of any mystical topic of interest.
  • Meet and message friends also Reposing their Chaos by becoming a member.  Sign up for free

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